Tips & Hints


Blocked Tap

Make sure you turn the water off at source before attempting to clear a blocked tap by taking it apart.

Blocked Sinks

If you are using a plunger, trying to unblock a blocked sink, cover up the overflow holes with a damp cloth. This helps build up the pressure.


If your toilet ball float is leaking and filling with water here is a useful trick I learnt to tide you over until you can get a new one. Take off the float (by unscrewing it), empty it, then screw it back on and wrap it in a plastic bag.

Starting Threads on Pipes

When threading pipes it is sometimes difficult to get started. You can make it easier by cutting slots in the end and then cutting off the end later

Leaky Toilets

If you think that your toilet might be leaking slightly, check to see if the problem is not due to condensation before calling out a plumber. If you have condensation problems they can be solved by improved ventilation when bathing or

Leaky Cistern

A clever way of checking to see if your cistern is leaking is to put in some food coloring.


Remember to use PTFE tape when fixing a leak or making joints. The tape should be wrapped around the thread of the pipe. Clockwise when viewed from the end of the pipe is the correct way to put it on fitting pipes to them be sure to cover the ends of the pipes with tape to stop pieces of plastic and swarf from dropping down them, the bits and pieces will block taps later on and cause all kinds of problems.- Talking from experience Showers. If the water pressure is very poor in your shower it may be due to lime-scale build up. If you live in a hard water area you should clean your shower heads every three months or so. If the scale is too bad it may be an idea to get either a new hose, or a new shower head.


Water Hammer - If your water pipes sometimes make a loud "hammering noise" after the toilet has been flushed or sink, etc. Ask at the hardware store for something for "waterhammer". It's a fitting or somesuch thing which is easily installed in the line. A common problem and not very expensive.

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